Acceleron is dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative, life-changing medicines for patients with a wide range of serious and rare diseases. Our research focuses on harnessing the power of the TGF-beta protein superfamily, the target-rich area of biology behind the body’s remarkable capacity for cellular growth and repair.

Our strategy is to develop medicines that selectively target multiple ligands (proteins) in the TGF-beta superfamily, which play critical roles in the development of serious diseases. Our deep scientific leadership in this area of biology has enabled us to focus our research, development, and commercialization efforts in pulmonary and hematologic diseases. In pulmonary, we are developing sotatercept for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), having reported positive topline results from the PULSAR Phase 2 trial. We are now conducting multiple Phase 3 trials with the potential to support the long-term vision of establishing sotatercept as a backbone therapy for patients with PAH at all stages of the disease.