Acceleron Careers


Dhara Bhatt
Senior Manager, Compliance

Where are you working these days?

I have a pretty small apartment, so most days I'm on the couch.

How long have you been at Acceleron?

Since May 2020; I joined at the height of the pandemic, so I've never been to the office and haven't met my team in person!

What is a common misconception about your job?

That Legal & Compliance are internal "hall monitors" and only see in black and white. We're here to work together with employees to create solutions and protect the company. And we're fun!

What is your favorite part of your job / working at Acceleron?

There are so many engaging activities that keep us together, like virtual happy hours, trivia, and Paint Nite.

What is your favorite (or least favorite) nickname that you've gotten?

Dharaling (like darling)

Ishan Sharma
RA II, Protein Purification

How long have you been here?

I started at Acceleron in the pre-Phase 2 period for luspatercept

What is a common misconception about your job?

That research is easy... but that’s why I like it!

What is your dream job?

I’d own and run my own tiki bar on a beach somewhere...

Ishan Sharma
Leslie Drescher
Associate Director, Finance

How long have you been here?

There were only two buildings when I joined, and during my tenure we’ve had as many as six!

What is your favorite part of your job?

I get to work with everyone!

Where is the most embarrassing place you’ve fallen down?

I fell up the stairs on my first day at Acceleron. In front of the CEO. It was awesome and dramatic.

Leslie Drescher

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